About Me

My name is Meg Croydon, I am 27 years Kuku Yalanji woman, currently transitioning from DV Social Worker, to full-time ceramicist.
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I've worked with clay for three years. I am a self-taught and intuitive ceramicist, having only attended a single-day hand-building workshop, before realizing I had come home.

I would describe my style as being minimal, contemporary, and ancestral. There's a force that is not mine when my hands are on the clay.

My passion also lies within storytelling, with which I use art, photos, fashion, design and styling as mediums to tell it. I'm an avid advocate for wellness, having been through my own experiences which I am still overcoming.


I believe my purpose is in finding and sharing ways to regulate our nervous systems and heal our bodies as redical resistance.


Watch this space.