Mysa Motel, Palm Beach - Our accommodation for 5 days over Xmas.

Burleigh Headlands, QLD.

Portrait of Joe, 27/12/21


It has literally taken me 6 weeks to be in a space to update you all on my Xmas experience. We stayed 5 days in Palm Beach, in QLD. I wanted to infuse the trip with holiday experiences that I have been longing to try, but haven't carved out the time. Since we were staying close to the beach, I organized a few beachy activities like paddleboarding and surfing. I really enjoyed paddle boarding - I have tried it before but in a still lake. This time was in the mouth of a river, that lead out to the ocean. I've always watched people paddle boarding out in the ocean in awe, and would really love to get to that point at some point. So here it was! The time slot we paddle boarded started off as a wild and windy one, and a few minutes before everyone arrived, it even threatened to rain! But within 10 or so minutes, it cleared up. I panicked quite a bit initially, mainly because I'd just eaten and there were waves and I often get intrusive thoughts surrounding my phobia around vom. But I took a few deep, oxygenating breaths and kept pushing myself. It was well worth the push and it just confirmed how important it is to try new things, beat the fear and follow through! It felt so thrilling and filling by the end of it and was a really nice activity to share with the family.

The surfing was good too! I was a bit unco, and with every wave, I lost a little more strength to stand up. The ocean was a bit fierce and I was dunked so many times. But who doesn't love a free sinus cleanse from nature herself? I am determined to keep learning how to surf. It looks like such a nice way to spend time in and connect with the ocean. I'm someone who loves to ocean, and gravitates to the beach. The water is always so cleansing, and I find an emotional/spiritual cleansing and clarifying element to the experience, too.

Now, I don't know if anyone can relate but it wasn't all rosey and perfect. I loved the location we stayed and it was a well-needed reset. But for me, since becoming an adult, Christmas as a holiday has felt a little empty and lost. We had our traditions as kids of course, but I struggle to find meaning in it since we don't share Christmas with children. Does that sound off? I don't want to sound ungrateful. I appreciate the time off and opportunity to go away, however, there are so many unmet, unspoken expectations that we transfer on the day, on our family, all of which create these micro-disappointments. Christmas is weird, ya'll.

Anyway there you have it, my very disjointed attempt to process all the incredibly conflicting emotions that comes with Christmas. With a few gorgeous film photos peppered in.

Lots of love!

Meg. X

Happy New Moon!

I've always felt super connected to the moon - I use it to track my cycles, and innately believe in our connection to it, and the ways we can work with it. We can work with the phases to optimise our energy, manifest the reality we're seeking, and can utilise it to harness hope in despairing times.

With all that said, let's jump into my favourite new moon rituals!

1) Journalling

My favourite pastime is journalling. There's nothing more effective and potent than thinking you're about to sit down to vent all your frustrations on a poor, unsuspecting page, to find yourself reasoning and problem-solving deep into your sub-conscience. Hello, free therapy! I also love to journal when there's nothing *wrong*, rather, when I'm wanting to sit down and connect with myself.

This month we have a new moon in Leo. This Leo energy signifies fire, creativity, fame, Sun, and sovereignty. Here are some journal prompts that could help you go deeper with these themes:

  • Am I connected to my creativity? Why/why not?

  • In what ways am I staying small and unseen? What is stopping me from dreaming bigger?

  • What does sovereignty mean to me? Where do I feel controlled in life? Where do I feel too controlling? What aspect of life can I surrender to?

The organs influenced by Leo's energy is the heart, aeorta, blood pressure and blood circulation. Let's explore the metaphysical energies around these organs:

  • Heart - In what situations or triggers do I withdraw love? Where do I feel unworthy of receiving love?

  • Aorta - Does my home life/work life/social life align and sync? What forces unconsciously limited my potential growing up? Does what I communicate to others often become misconstrued with others? Am I communicating the whole

  • Blood pressure (high) - How can I express anger, aggression, and rage in healthy ways? In what areas of my life can I release control and surrender?

  • Blood pressure (low) - How can I believe in my potential? Where do I self-sabotage? What is my soul yearning for? If there were no limitations, what would I manifest?

*(ps. these questions are not to be received as medical advice)

2) Bath/Shower Meditation

As your resident water sign bish, I love me a body of water. Bath, ocean, shower, river - you name it, I'll submerge in it. I also love working with water in spiritual practices. Since we're up to 60% water, I'd like to think of it as a potent cleansing tool to reset our energy. Similar to cutting ties in Reiki.

Shower Method:

  • Run the water

  • Breathe - while the shower is heating up I like to take a few deep breaths to reset my nervous system. You could box breathe - equal counts breathing in, pause, breathing out, pause. Or even better, you could work your way up to doubling the counts breathing out to in. If you're breathing out less time than in, you're going to activate your nervous system and cause an anxiety response.

  • Visualise (insert day/week/month situation/cycle/pattern) washing away with the water down the drain.

Bath Method:

  • Run a bath. Add 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar + Epsom salts.

  • Breathing as above

  • Visualise as above

3) Set an intention

I have to be real, I haven't been doing this. I really struggle with setting intentions or specific goals (Again, see: water sign) and then wonder why I'm not getting anywhere in life??? But I do like to use certain zodiac szn's for that crystal clear clarity and a road map.

So this month I am going to actually set an intention! New moon: set intention, full moon: release. Bit counter-intuitive but let's do it.

This month my intention is to:

  • Continue to identify and release barrier-causing fears

  • Move house and settle

  • Connect with more humans in real life

  • Connect with more people over the phone (read: stay in touch!)

I've learned that something that really fills up my cup and energy levels is connecting with people - but it's definitely conditional! I have newly discovered boundaries on my energy - it needs to be wholesome, authentic, not necessarily positive... but absolutely not negative and draining - just real, feel-good connection. There needs to be vitality in the connection. I'm putting boundaries on disrespectful (read: on ya phone), triggering, backhanded-compliment-type-of-folk, can't-get-a-word-in interactions with people where you come out feeling worse than you came in... ya feel?

4) Give

This isn't *technically* a ritual, but something I've started to do more of intentionally to show that I'm abundant and to keep the energy flowing, rather than blocking. When you feel like you don't have anything to give, that's when you need to give the most!

Here's how I give when I don't feel I have anything to give:

  • Go through clothes I no longer wear anymore and send to my sisters

  • Accept the round-up request at places like Woolworths or online, giving to a charity

  • Send friends packages with random homemade gifts - art, digital art, letters etc.

  • Gift ceramics to friends and family

  • Physical touch and intimacy (where appropriate and welcomed)

  • Handmade birthday presents

They're my top 4 rituals for the upcoming Leo New Moon. Let me know if you try any, and what worked for you.

Meg. Xx

Find link to interview here.

Hi Meg take a moment to introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Meg – 27-year-old Kuku Yalanji woman from Ayr, North Queensland and currently residing in Melbourne on Kulin Nation. My current passions (and projects) are Marie Kondo-ing every aspect of my life (Saturn Return, everything must go!), prioritising my health and healing journey, practicing speaking my truth, integrating all aspects of myself (past versions, present, shadow), taking up space and building my business up to a point where I can transition into full-time creative, hand-making clay vessels and ritual items. Last year I hit a total rock bottom (as I am sure many of us did in some kind of way) and so the journey begins to rebuild myself in a sustainable way that offers grace, acceptance, forgiveness and being kind to myself.

What do you do for work?

I currently WFH in social work as a domestic violence case worker. I dropped out of my Bachelor of Social Work degree at the end of 2019 as I continued to struggle with my health. There’s a lot of shame attached to that as I have dropped out of many degrees before. I was lucky enough to be offered a job in the field, ¾ of the way through my degree. I learned after 3 years that I don’t have the energy reserves to continue to do this work long-term. I noticed that the only work that continues to generate more energy within me is when I am working with my hands. I am currently working on establishing my ceramics business to a point where I can do that full-time.

What does celebrating International Women’s day mean to you?

I usually spend a lot of time reflecting on the women who came before me and the challenges they might have faced and overcome for the privilege that I hold today. As kids I don’t think we can totally relate to the stories of hardship and barriers of our mothers’ (or women role models around us) and appreciate what we have in that context. As I grow older, I feel like I am healing a genetic maternal line within me as I reflect on my mothers’ experience at the stage of her life that I enter – I begin to understand, soften and truly appreciate the energy she invested in us and herself. And then I begin to think about that in the context of the world – how current barriers faced develop from historical barriers, and how we all independently challenge them on a micro level, that eventually form movements and change. It’s a lot of extra labour we unconsciously take on in this lifetime and IWD is a good chance to acknowledge and celebrate that.

Tell us about a female role model in your life that you cherish

Is it too corny to say my mum? What I cherish about her is her curiosity around health and her ability to step out of her comfort zone to explore them. I feel like I grew up in a household where mum was strict and stern, and a bit straight 180. And looking back I think that might have been to do with the fact that she was a young mother and may have felt the need to prove her capabilities. Safe to say it was a no BS zone. Of course, my sisters and I challenged her daily on that – which reflecting may have been her permission sent from the universe to release and play. Growing up, my mum raised us, completed a nursing degree, worked, completed another post-graduate degree, has become a carer twice over whilst navigating her own health journey. She books into mediums, reiki sessions, practices yoga and saves battery farm chickens (27 and counting). Mum continues to release old belief systems that don’t serve her anymore, which could potentially affect relationships with her children. She is one of the most proactive and hopeful people I know, which I feel has rubbed off on me too. She’s continued to give so much love to us children, despite not being shown much love growing up. I’ve watched her fall back in love with life and step back into her power, which is role model material in my books.

What do you hope IWD and the positive reinforcement it brings can achieve? I hope that IWD reminds us who the f* we are! We’re so conditioned to be critical of ourselves and police/make up strict rules for ourselves in all aspects of life. And for what? We purposely avoid stepping into our power, because our conditioning convince us that our insecurities are our truth. We think everyone sees what we think of ourselves and we shrink ourselves down to match that. Hopefully, IWD encourages us to reflect on our personal achievements (no matter how big or small… celebrate everything), healing, health, wellbeing and level of ability – and helps us feel proud and find acceptance of where we are at in our journeys. I hope that IWD can facilitate us to all step into our power much sooner.

Favourite book by a female author?

The Art of Gathering – How We Meet and Why It Matters by Priya Parker. My social work and counselling obsessed brain and Scorpio depth froths over the intelligence that comes with critically analysing and deconstructing whether the way we meet is the most conducive to presence and connecting with others.

I have just started Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown which is quickly becoming another fave!

Favourite female artist

Solange Knowles – such an expander for me! Producing her best work in her 30’s (so far), finding a way to create and express whilst navigating an invisible illness, aesthetics on point, not to mention the healing that her work has facilitated within her culture and community. We love that. Need I say more?

Best way to unwind?

Yin yoga sessions for a full nervous system reset and a bath with Earth Jiinda ‘calm’ bath soak.

What is a 10/10 series you’re watching?

I just finished three seasons of ‘Good Girls’ which was really fun to watch. I started ‘Ginny & Georgia’ on Netflix this week which is also pretty great. I’m just really enjoying all the new series and movies released that are centred around womens stories and their perspectives. I feel like I’ve never been more into TV/movies than I am today.

Honest coffee order?

Almond latte! I am on a really strict diet for another month and really miss nut mylk cappuccinos to be honest.

Sweet or savoury?

I said savoury before, but it’s starting to become sweet as I am delving into the world of baking! I’ve devoured three batches of homemade SIBO Anzac biscuits in the last two weeks. Solid fave.