FAQ, boo:

Frequently asked questions

When will you restock your store?

Restocking usually happens every month or so. Due to COVID-19, Waymbul Studio has not released any more ceramics due to a shut down of all firings for a period, moving interstate & health challenges. Updates to the store can be found on Instagram, and by signing up to our newsletter.

Will I find a restock of ceramics that were sold in the past?

Instagram is an amazing tool that we have to update our amazing community on 'drops' of stock, showcasing the process of making and sharing current campaigns. Waymbul has also made the decision to keep photos of beautiful cermics sold in the past as a visual journal to document the journey. It is unlikely that a piece will be remade in the same style/colour/clay. As a creative person who is always expanding their practice, I tend not to fixate or replicate past pieces. If there is something you are obsessed with - please send an email at meg.croydon@gmail.com as a custom order. Please note that the process is slow, and 4 weeks notice will be needed. Price and budget will vary based on pieces and will be discussed over email. Waymbul Studio is in baby stages, with style and expression through clay ever evolving. With time, Waymbul hopes to offer more consistent pieces and prices.

How do you ship your ceramics and art?

Ceramic pieces are always shipped in recycled packaging or with cardboard 'bubble' wrap. If any plastic is used to package, you can bet it has been used before (and hopefully will continue to be used with a little bit of help from you!) Art prints are not physical and do not require shipping. Prints are downloadable after purchase to print at your own convenience.

Collaborations and Stockist FAQ

Collaboration and ideas are always welcome. Examples of collaborations might look like: - Brands who are looking to incorperate personalised or ritualistic pieces. - Past pieces that are no longer available - Personalised gifts for loved ones. Email: meg.croydon@gmail.com Collaborations will be open Mid-November.

Personal/Blog/Vlog FAQ

If you would like to collaborate creatively in general please reach out as well! I have a passion for documenting visuals and words, style/design etc. and am always looking to expand my work and experience! If you have any questions about the personal side of Waymbul Studio, please email meg.croydon@gmail.com for all your questions or queries!