Leo New Moon Ritual 8/8

Happy New Moon!

I've always felt super connected to the moon - I use it to track my cycles, and innately believe in our connection to it, and the ways we can work with it. We can work with the phases to optimise our energy, manifest the reality we're seeking, and can utilise it to harness hope in despairing times.

With all that said, let's jump into my favourite new moon rituals!

1) Journalling

My favourite pastime is journalling. There's nothing more effective and potent than thinking you're about to sit down to vent all your frustrations on a poor, unsuspecting page, to find yourself reasoning and problem-solving deep into your sub-conscience. Hello, free therapy! I also love to journal when there's nothing *wrong*, rather, when I'm wanting to sit down and connect with myself.

This month we have a new moon in Leo. This Leo energy signifies fire, creativity, fame, Sun, and sovereignty. Here are some journal prompts that could help you go deeper with these themes:

  • Am I connected to my creativity? Why/why not?

  • In what ways am I staying small and unseen? What is stopping me from dreaming bigger?

  • What does sovereignty mean to me? Where do I feel controlled in life? Where do I feel too controlling? What aspect of life can I surrender to?

The organs influenced by Leo's energy is the heart, aeorta, blood pressure and blood circulation. Let's explore the metaphysical energies around these organs:

  • Heart - In what situations or triggers do I withdraw love? Where do I feel unworthy of receiving love?

  • Aorta - Does my home life/work life/social life align and sync? What forces unconsciously limited my potential growing up? Does what I communicate to others often become misconstrued with others? Am I communicating the whole

  • Blood pressure (high) - How can I express anger, aggression, and rage in healthy ways? In what areas of my life can I release control and surrender?

  • Blood pressure (low) - How can I believe in my potential? Where do I self-sabotage? What is my soul yearning for? If there were no limitations, what would I manifest?

*(ps. these questions are not to be received as medical advice)

2) Bath/Shower Meditation

As your resident water sign bish, I love me a body of water. Bath, ocean, shower, river - you name it, I'll submerge in it. I also love working with water in spiritual practices. Since we're up to 60% water, I'd like to think of it as a potent cleansing tool to reset our energy. Similar to cutting ties in Reiki.

Shower Method:

  • Run the water

  • Breathe - while the shower is heating up I like to take a few deep breaths to reset my nervous system. You could box breathe - equal counts breathing in, pause, breathing out, pause. Or even better, you could work your way up to doubling the counts breathing out to in. If you're breathing out less time than in, you're going to activate your nervous system and cause an anxiety response.

  • Visualise (insert day/week/month situation/cycle/pattern) washing away with the water down the drain.

Bath Method:

  • Run a bath. Add 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar + Epsom salts.

  • Breathing as above

  • Visualise as above

3) Set an intention

I have to be real, I haven't been doing this. I really struggle with setting intentions or specific goals (Again, see: water sign) and then wonder why I'm not getting anywhere in life??? But I do like to use certain zodiac szn's for that crystal clear clarity and a road map.

So this month I am going to actually set an intention! New moon: set intention, full moon: release. Bit counter-intuitive but let's do it.

This month my intention is to:

  • Continue to identify and release barrier-causing fears

  • Move house and settle

  • Connect with more humans in real life

  • Connect with more people over the phone (read: stay in touch!)

I've learned that something that really fills up my cup and energy levels is connecting with people - but it's definitely conditional! I have newly discovered boundaries on my energy - it needs to be wholesome, authentic, not necessarily positive... but absolutely not negative and draining - just real, feel-good connection. There needs to be vitality in the connection. I'm putting boundaries on disrespectful (read: on ya phone), triggering, backhanded-compliment-type-of-folk, can't-get-a-word-in interactions with people where you come out feeling worse than you came in... ya feel?

4) Give

This isn't *technically* a ritual, but something I've started to do more of intentionally to show that I'm abundant and to keep the energy flowing, rather than blocking. When you feel like you don't have anything to give, that's when you need to give the most!

Here's how I give when I don't feel I have anything to give:

  • Go through clothes I no longer wear anymore and send to my sisters

  • Accept the round-up request at places like Woolworths or online, giving to a charity

  • Send friends packages with random homemade gifts - art, digital art, letters etc.

  • Gift ceramics to friends and family

  • Physical touch and intimacy (where appropriate and welcomed)

  • Handmade birthday presents

They're my top 4 rituals for the upcoming Leo New Moon. Let me know if you try any, and what worked for you.

Meg. Xx

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