Musing: ISO Tings Week 3

Hey fellow social distancers! How are we all doing? I am fine as you can clearly see above. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

How am I feeling today? I am feeling really inspired. I feel like I have left the freakout stage of the pandemic. At first I was feeling so helpless. I felt unsafe in the world. I breathed shorter. I was upset and felt completely isolated. I have practiced more doing and less thinking lately and those activities have helped me move through the ‘can’t breathe’ stage.

What am I working on? I have a lot of vases in the making at the moment. I finished 7 of them off on the weekend which felt really good and flowed really well. I have started 13 more which aren’t flowing as well. I left them (probably too long now) to take up more activities to get the energy flowing again. As a manifesting generator, I feel like I need my fingers in all the pies at all times or else things just get too stagnant.

I started painting about a week ago which is really fun but obviously I am so bad at it. The flow as a kind of transitioned into digital art prints. Last night I completed two prints that I plan on uploading and selling on the shop. This is really exciting as it finally kick starts the transition from ‘clay’ to ‘wares’.

Big realizations? That I totally regret not acting on my impulses to do things I enjoy before ISO. That included daily outfit photos, dance classes, pole classes, learning to surf etc, etc. I have just had this full-body download to start doing it all. I registered for a zoom dance session via Groove Therapy this week, asked Joe if he can retrieve an old surfboard that is not being used at the moment, emailed pole classes and found out about the classes once ISO is over, booked into a podcasting 101 class, started painting (above), running and walking most days so far. I realized that I don’t have to have the same routine every day, like a micro routine, and that my routine can just be a commitment to creating and getting out of my head.

Plan for the week ahead? I am going to go grab some film print out my art prints and take photos to upload to the shop. I am going to enquire about clay firing and make some money on depop to pay for the bisque firing to finish up the batch I have. Make more clay. Take more photos. Create more art. Buy Osho books to start reading and learning again, make my Instagrams more cohesive, do some yoga and dance, swim in the ocean.

Now you! Let me know what you’ve been up to!



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