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Hello friends,

The most anticipated moment of the year has come and gone, and here I am on the other

side. We hustled and bustled hard to pack up our house and move interstate. We moved from Lismore, NSW to Melbourne, VIC in the midst of a global pandemic. The intentions to move had been set last year, for this July 2020. Little did we know that the world would be shut down a mear four months later. We weren't sure if we would still make it. Whether the borders would

be shut down. Whether we would still have jobs. Whether we were allowed to move. The ups and downs of the unknown. To be disconnecting and uprooting your life without knowing whether it was safe to make the leap didn't seem practical. However we all know when it's time to make the leap and risk it all. We know when there's nothing left for us in a town. Limbo felt much worse than the possibility of failure.

Sage ready to go

Saying goodbye to the people we love was the hardest part. I had no idea how deeply I had embedded myself in a town that I was still kind of new to. Once the dreaded moment was over, there was no going back. The drive was long but short. While driving it had felt like we had been travelling for eternity, and when we arrived the time in transit disappeared. Watching landscapes go by out the window, listening to (quite frankly) the most grim podcasts of all time. Being sucked in to the story lines of people who once resided in the same towns I grew up in. Stories of horrendous violence was not a vibe! Listening to Harry Styles. Stopping for

hash browns and muesli. Driving through the drive thru's for Mexican chain cuisine. Stopping off to try the self-proclaimed "best coffee between Sydney and Melbourne" in Wiradjuri country... Spoiler alert... It was. Bloating. Take away. Dog breath.

And then we arrived! On Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm, we arrived in Melbourne. We were here! The moment we had been anticipating for 8 months. Leading up to the move, I had a lot of things that I wanted to do on the back burner to make way for the move. I would hold off and say to myself "I will start that in Melbourne." I started to distrust myself with these

promises. What if I was just putting it off for a future date that would never exist? What if I had weaved an untruth to myself that all would be better in Melbourne. What if I had put so much pressure on Melbourne to be the "fix all", that it would be a complete let down when I arrived? What is the point?

I am here to say that brains are wired for survival, and these days it looks like fear-based concerns that permeate through your cells to warn you off hurting your soul and ego. They feel like genuine risks to your safety and security. We might even go so far to believe them. But I am 1000% grateful that I took the leap anyway because Melbourne did not let us down in any way. As we drove into the city I felt like we had made the right choice. The energy was right. There was genuine buzzing and excitement about calling this place home. I felt different as a person. I felt like my surrounds matched what was going on within me. It feels really aligned. Of course it may be too soon to tell (as we have only been here for two and a half days), but in my gut it feels right and I am really grateful we made the leap.



First brunch as city babes - 06/07/2020

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