Musing: We Want The Funk! (Gone)

Good morning and welcome to 2020,

I have been putting off this post for far too long. It is now the middle of the first month of the year. Can you believe it? Neither can I! I wanted to organise a post at the start of the year to collect some of my memories and reflections of 2019, and to write my intentions down for the year ahead. Instead, the Universe had a whole different plan for us. One with great devastation attached. Within the first week of the year we had to put our beloved dog Spike down and since then have been grieving. We had already been grieving however. Grieving for the state of our country - and for the state of our world. It felt highly inappropriate to collect and collate a remix of the good times when for months, our country has experienced devastating bush fires with very little support and action from our government. I don’t really know how we are going to move forward and how our country will heal. However, being a grade A empath, it has become so much devastation that I have noticed it manifesting in my body as actual weakness, and have been feeling so affected that some days I find it hard to carry myself and can feel out of breath and heavy. Now, I know that is not productive.

This week after a prolonged amount of time sitting in the weakness and despair, I felt like it was time to begin the process of re-emerging. To start to think of ways I can start caring for myself again, to think of ways I can reduce my contribution to devastating events like this and how to rebuild my life in a sustainable way.

My first agenda point is to start caring for myself again. I started this yesterday by trying to counteract the emotional weakness with physical strength. I started by going to the pools and swimming for half an hour. I am coming out of my Winter phase and into my Spring. I do not feel like lifting weights or intense, sweaty cardio. Swimming was a perfect way to be gentle on myself and to also move through it energetically. It felt so great. Here are some more tings I plan on adding to my self-care plate:

  • I plan on committing to my vedic meditation practice each morning to remove the tragedy and trauma from my body day and night, and to start delving into my own.

  • I plan on writing Morning Pages each morning to release the intense sadness I feel when I wake up.

  • I plan on shaving, washing my hair, face mask etc etc. on Thursday or Friday nights when I finish work for the week.

  • I plan on continuing with Lacy Phillips work.

  • I plan on stretching every morning.

  • I plan on going to the gym or pools each day for at lease half an hour.

(the funk hung around for a few more weeks after I initially wrote this and want to get this out regardless).

Stay tuned for part two.



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