Musings: Baby's First Occasional Chair

Whattup beb,

I am logging on (90's blogger style) to share with you a very important and momentous day for an interior style hoe like me - I bought my very first occasional chair!

Yes ma'am! I am so over the moon! As you may or may not know, we moved into a share house in Melbourne about four weeks ago. The master room we landed with is pretty amazing, however very different to our last place. First of all, we had an abundance of built in storage. Which is so amazing, but meant that we either had to store our IKEA storage... or sell?! So we decided to sell! Personally, although I love all our belongings, I am a master at the art of detachment - meaning I'm more inclined to sell a piece of furniture if it doesn't fit the space right in order to find the perfect piece.

So that made way for the most amazing chair (!!) and stone table that I picked up on Facecbook Marketplace after many hours of searching. Although the space is not complete yet, I wanted to share the *WIP* (as I am doing my best to detach from the idea of striving for perfection and thus only sharing when perfect (which let's be real, is never)) ...

Example of pushing past perfection: not decluttering the space before taking the photos and leaving your very questionable slippers on the side. Didn't even try to crop them out.

Chair: Temple Webster

Art: Be Here Now - Ram Dass

Smol pot planter: Kmart

Ugly slippers: Big W

Coffee cup: Hasami Porcelain


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