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Lately, I have felt my interior style shift and mature in a way I can’t even explain. For a long time I have always admired, but reserved that kind of finesse/attention to detail for others. If I think long and hard enough, I think I specifically restricted myself in fear that it was too similar to others I knew. (Sidetrack time)! When I first started to unblock my subconscious, I thought that it would be these big, traumatic unblockings that would occur. Of course there has been some however a lot of them have been super subtle messagings along the way. A few weeks ago something unblocked and I allowed myself to love the things that I do, and all these magnificent portals have appeared with beautiful, (at times) shiny wares! And I’ve found the more I remove items that I have felt obligated to hold onto, the more that comes through! Here is a run down of the subtle changes in my space to make it feel more elevated.

Subtle Bodies Incense Holder

I have been eyeing off this brass incense holder for… well… not that long actually. Maybe a few weeks. I instantly fell in love and felt like it had space in my heart and my home. As my style shifts and matures, I am starting to feel pretty unapologetic about being impulsive and purchasing. The funny thing is, is that I make so many incense holders in ceramics, however, I have not kept or used any for myself as it feels wrong to take away from others! At least this way I can have my OG and continue making for my loyal Waymbul collectors!

DIY Benches

I have wanted a bench for so long. A place to show off my most precious and peculiar treasures. Those small weird things that shout “THIS IS ME!” In the lead up to moving in last year, I had plans to have them in our room, as well as in the living area. When we moved it wasn’t meant to be. They didn’t suit the tall house with it’s weird, dark features. They accentuated the darkness (timber clash) and seemed puny compared to the ceilings that are nearly 4m high. I angstily let that dream go until recently when pictures of people’s interiors, flashing their enviable benches around, started to pop up on my feed again. It was a sign from the Universe. That’s when I realized the dream inside me was not dead and decided to give it one more shot.

By now, a solid 10 months later, I had hung sheer curtains from the rails to close off some of the room. This meant I had the perfect spot for it! I bought two cinder blocks from Bunnings (totaling at under $5) and a piece of Tasmanian timber oak (from memory maybe 30cm x 180cm) for just over $30. Meaning this total room elevator was less than $40 altogether! It is also a great place to store records with a record player on top. DIY dream, no building required!

Mirrors I felt really disgusting buying this because I know it’s a total rip off of the Bjork mirrors. Like, I know. I get it. But as soon as I brought this baby home it literally raised the vibrations to refined and expensive! All for $40 from Kmart. Let me backtrack and tell you the story. I had to buy this because I smashed my full length after getting excited about some nice jeans I had on and this house has no mirror. And the one I wanted (basically this but full length) wouldn’t be available for another month. See? Had to.

We have this propped up on our all-white dressers and it looks so lovely. Also 10/10 functional as you can have all your makeup and skincare sitting on the bench around you as you get ready, instead of on the floor like I’m used to.

It has brought such joy into my life lately to align my values with the way I spend my money and to add in these fairly inexpensive touches that I feel represent the essence of my style and who I am/and obviously who we are as a couple. I believe that when you enter a space, you can feel whether it authentically represents that person or family. As I have enjoyed growing more and more into myself over recent years, it has been overwhelming trying to ensure that my space is authentic and growing with me. I feel as of late and with the stripping back of negativity and expectations, I have finally felt free and bold enough to start doing that. Small baby steps.

Kisses, Meg.

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