Musings: We Moved!

Hey Folks,

We moved!

Listen, it wasn't all smooth sailing. In fact, it was quite a traumatic process (on top of an already traumatic process). I don't really want to go into it. Maybe one day in the future I will feel far enough away from it where I will want to tell the story, however you can bet it involved:

  • Stage 4 restrictions set in the weekend of the move

  • Crooked moving company

  • Moving truck being cancelled the night before

  • Moving in to a filthy house

  • Damages to belongings

  • Lots of tears

  • Waiting 5 days for another moving company after cancelling the first

Anyway... we're in. It's official. And it's time to take a break and decompress for a while. Lucky we can't go out anyway! Updates to come.

Meg xo

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