Musings: Weekly Photo Dump Oct 9th - 16th

Oct 10 marks the start of our Saturday acai-bowl-in-the-park tradition, which turned into a session talking about and longing for Summer, end of lockdown, the perfect picnic-bitch closet (and what was missing from it). I had a lot of fun dressing up in casual Saturday wear and pretending like we were going further away and on a much larger adventure than a few km down the road.

Oct 11, we were ready to venture out on our first proper skate. We spent the afternoon watching videos on YouTube on simple starter moves and headed down to the quiet Luna Park to give it a crack. I only fell down once - from a squatted position - lucky for all my dorky equipment that kept me safe. We skated for around 3-4 hours, and ended up on the St Kilda esplanade skating through crowds, on challenging bumpy surfaces, soaking up the sunset and salty breeze.

Oct 12 - daily juice. Juice game has been strong throughout lockdown. This was my combo: celery, orange, beetroot, lemon, carrot, apple and ginger. Glorious.

Oct 14th - Lunch time walks. This day I felt super down and took a walk on my lunchbreak. I can't say it really helped a lot and afterwards I ate a massive baguette. I was trying to focus all my energy on noticing the small details that I would otherwise miss if I was in my head.

The end of the day really turned around as I received an order from Lioness. I have been curious for a while at a few of their products - mainly being the oversized, baggy jeans and the oversized black blazer. I bought a size 8 in the jeans and they are a little bit big around the waist (I am absolutely not the size down though), so I plan on getting them altered once everything opens up again. But apart from the massive guilt trip I feel for buying a brand which I don't know anything about their ethics that seems a little *cheap*, I am so thrilled because they're actually such great staples that will continue to be worn throughout all of the seasons and for years to come (blazer not shown).

Oct 15th marked the day that my $300 POMS eyewear sunglasses that I bought for $75 brand new on Depop arrived. Swooning! I can't say I loved them wholeheartedly initially, and was very grateful I didn't pay $300 for them. However, I am here to say that they successfully grew on me and I am in fact, in love with them.

Oct 16th marks a day where I wore and took this selfie in Joe's new vintage crewneck which I am also in love with and wish it was mine. I am very lucky as Joe says I can wear it whenever I want! Little does he know that I always want to wear it. It's a VIBE! It fulfills this very urgent need to incorporate a bit of Princess Diana into my wardrobe. Watch this space.

Consider yourself updated.


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