OOTD: Day 1 of ISO and starting a new project

Hi, hello!

We are technically in day two of a six-week isolation here in Melbourne, however today is day one of my OOTD ISO challenge. I am feeling fully blessed to have arrived in our new place of living one day before the borders were announced closed. The down side that comes with the combination of isolation and one week annual holiday is 1) years of suppressing your feelings catching up with you at the same time as you not having your usual work distractions to keep from feeling them at bay; 2) having all your beloved belongings (paints, books, clothes, shoes, tarot cards etc.) packed up and literally unobtainable due to the awfully small and tight-fitting storage locker you blindly chose 1592 km's away; and 3) being stuck inside with nowhere to go with the burning desire to construct a bomb outfit.

So here's where I let it all out and channel all that energy into something slightly more constructive. Today's outfit is fire and let's get it going: (forgive my derp eyes)...

Base layers:

I have on underneath it all, a crop from gym shark and tights from PE nation x H&M that I bought the other day for $25! Again, I had nothing packed and needed to top up on some supplies when we got here. I wanted to wear these underneath so that 1) I had a fighting chance to stay warm and 2) so that I can strip off the top layer at any point to do an online yoga class or go for a walk. The thing that I struggle with when dressing is that I feel done for the day and that I cannot change anything. Therefore, I often miss out on exercise or vital movement for the day.

On top of that...

For the longest time, I have been looking for a long sleeve knit dress that goes down to the floor. I swore off buying clothes in 2019 (that lasted about 2 months) and one of my (very many) exceptions would be if I found a dress that fit this description. I found a few - one at Kowtow and one at Assembly - both not quite fitting the bill. On Tuesday this week... I found that dress! The piece has the most amazing mock neck situation, and drapes down to nearly my ankles. Another massive bonus was that the dress was 50% off. I snatched this up on Wednesday, the day before lockdown sunk in.

To finish:

Jacket: I am wearing my H&M puffer jacket. Another new purchase since I didn't pack anything that I could exercise in. This one was a steal at $47, and I have already worn it for nearly 3 days straight! I didn't want to buy this but thought out of necessity that it was a fine choice considering similar situations to this go for nearly $300.

Shoes: Adidas Ozweego in Pink @ JD Sport, courtesy of a few vouchers I had up my sleeves.



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