OOTD: Day two

Welcome to day two! Today's looks has been super simple and super brief due to the fact that the majority of it was from yesterday's look...

Dress: COS store

Shoes: Dr Marten's 2976 Quad Bootie

Bag: JanSport

Little back story on this dress:

Last year I challenged myself to not buy clothes for a whole year. In short, I lasted around 2-3 months. The reason why I embarked on this challenge is because I truly believed that I was addicted to shopping. It turns out that it wasn't addicted like my initial concern, it was more that I wasn't utilising the pieces I was buying. After the initial short stint, I made sure to practice self-confidence in order to embody the energy that I imagined upon buying said item.

During that period, I set myself a list of allowances which were basically pieces that I had been looking for and hadn't found yet. One of the items on the list was this dress. A long sleeve knit dress, slightly oversized, very long. I found it on a Winter morning, a day before ISO started. Hanging up in a COS store, sporting a 50% off tag. What a dream.

So there you have it folks. This one couldn't be rushed. On that note, signing off of my overly dramatic outfit diary for the day.



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