OOTD: Saturday's The Label, On A Sunday


This week has been filled with a whirlwind of ups and downs.

Over the last week, I:

♡ Was stuck in bed for five days with fatigue

♡ Worked for two days

♡ Practiced being proactive with my mental health by attending psychology appointments

♡ Began investigating hormones and gut health with a naturopath

♡ Learned how to release trapped emotions from my body

♡ Started my financial wellness journey

♡ Helped a mate out with some branding for her art (honestly my favourite part)

♡ Decluttered the kitchen, bedroom, dining and lounge area

♡ And then I started day one of my cycle! Talk about releasing.

While I was stuck in bed, I started to realize how my energy leaks around people. Since then, I have remained consistent and strong in my boundaries - and are holding both myself and others accountable for this.

Next week I go on an appointed diet and will have a SIBO test. I have to book doctors appointments to organise tests. I feel really positive this time around, and am ready to feel better again.

I am now in the business of preserving energy and having fun.

Here's day 1:

Bra (and underwear you cannot see): Saturday's The Label.

Jeans: Thrills Co.

New Fringe: Me.

I am in my 'winter' phase of my cycle - day 2.

Winter is for laying low. Rest and recalibrating.

Moon phase: waning crescent.

Feeling: I feel like I want to jump out of my skin today. I feel bored and a bit scattered, finding it hard to channel the energy into something productive.


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