Opinion: The Skin Care You Need (& Don't)

Oh my lord! I love skin care. Next April marks the 1 year anniversary of me kicking my reluctant adult ass into gear to start caring and protecting my skin. I was 25 years old at the time, and I guess the seed had just planted and had started to sprout. You know, the seed that makes you realise that your youth is fleeting, and that if I wanted to keep being asked for my ID well into my 40’s, that I better get a move on now.

I started my journey with Go-To Skincare. It had been recommended to me by many close friends of all ages. It was also the only mid-range company that was in my price range, who could also guarantee no nasty chemicals. I love their packaging and aesthetics, and opening the box for the first time made me feel at least 43% more quirky. I have tried 3-4 other brands but keep coming back to this one.

The Routine


I started off with a cleanser.

I finish by moisturising with a tinted zinc… All products from go-to! After that I add a little makeup to frame my day.

Honest opinion: Love, love, love. The tinted zinc honestly makes your face look so good, it gives it a little glow and accentuates your skin tone so well! I sometimes forget the cleanser and it shows!


I use a bisous cloth to wash the makeup off in the shower. After, I cleanse with go-to cleanser. When I get out, I usually use a toner and pad to remove any remaining makeup or zinc. I finish by mixing a spot of moisturiser and face oil together and apply.

Honest opinion: The bisous cloths aren’t really as dramatic as the hype but they do still work with some after care. I am all for sustainable practices and will continue to use regardless. I did have to buy a weird product that takes off matte lipstick that is meant to stay on for weeks.

The go-to cleanser isn’t as robust as other cleansers. I am going to try the oil based cleanser next to try and remove the zinc a little better as it honestly takes a few goes to remove (plus toner and exfoliator).

I bought a salt by hendrix toner for $40 without really realising what the hell toner was, and that I could just buy a witchazel toner in Woolworths for $7. Not worth a rebuy but it’s still pretty lush (but let me reiterate… not worth $40).


I exfoliate 1-2 times each week. I go between my go-to exfoliating wipeys and frank body creamy coffee exfoliator.

I also use a mask each week, which I try to remember to do when I finish my work week. I usually mix some bentonite clay with water and brush which is super simple and very budget-friendly. A tub of bentonite is worth about $15 and can last up to 6 months. It is excellent for pulling toxins and dirt out of your pores. Bonus points for if you also drink it before bed time!

Boujee option: I have recently tried an Aesop sample of the primrose facial cleansing masque and omfg it is the most glorious one to date. It’s leaves you glowing and I want it to be my forever masque (also they spell mask, masque which.

Go-to mask: It honestly feels so lush! It makes you look like a boujee serial killer for about 10-15 mins. The formula has a cooling effect and helps when you’re feeling a little puffy! I recommend because you know that the ingredients are not nasty for your skin and is worth the $9.


Dry brushing - I have all the dry brushing products. I often forget to dry brush if I am being completely honest. A very quirky nutritionist person told me I should do it each morning or night and that there’s really no method (despite 100’s of both precise and different how-to’s on the internet). Not having a proper ‘way’ has taken a lot of pressure off and when I do remember to do it, my body and skin thanks me for it. It makes you feel more awake and weirdly like your blood is pumping again (in case it stopped before). Nah, but you know what I mean! It truly does feel like it lifts stagnant energy.

Oil - I don’t do an oil pull, rather I just have a bath once a week with some of the salt by hendrix nourish and revive oil blend. It really does make your skin feel extra supple and I haven’t tried any others to compare (tbh) but would recommend!

Rose Quartz/crystal rollers (face) - Omg, I 1000% recommend these. If you have a bad time clenching your jaw, suffer from bad anxiety or just want an accessible way to relax your face without having to rely on external therapies… this is your go-to guy! I have one from sportgirl…. I don’t recommend cause it’s already fallen a part and I have had to superglue it! There are many amazing brands that you can buy them through. Byron-based wellness store prae stock them, as well as Salt by Hendrix.


Go-to products.

All 10/10, however..

  • Would swap the cleanser for the oil based cleanser.

  • Would only use masks for one-off occasions and would rather bentonite clay masks for weekly use

  • Prefer gritty exfoliant over the chemical one.

Salt by Hendrix.

  • Product does not match the price

  • Probably wouldn’t recommend

  • Great as a lux addition to a skin care routine but would not base the entire routine around the product

  • Would not recommend if you had specific skin concerns

  • Body oil is very luscious and would buy again…



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