Outfit Diaries: 14th August 20

Heya Fronds,

You guessed it! I have my wardrobe back again! It turns out I already had three of the four items in this OOTD packed with me, but the skirt! Oh mama, I haven't seen this skirt in a minute! Oh and I was missing this jumper for four whole weeks too, until I found it the day before we moved in the boot of my car. Ugh! Oh well. Quicky today:

Hoodie: Koori Mail Grey Marle - bought from the NAIDOC day at SCU in Lismore of 2019.

Skirt: Tiger Lily... before you get all up in arms at the level of boujee, I bought this amazing piece heavily discounted at the end of the season after admiring it for many months. It's alot. But as you can see, it can really elevate your basics. IMO: every person who wears skirts needs a leopard print skirt in their wardrobe. It's an absolute staple piece, and quite frankly melds in very well to any 'style' you consider yourself under.

Shoes: Adidas - I got these bby's for my birthday last year

Jacket: Weekday on ASOS

Bag: ASOS circa 2018. Still going strong.

Mask: Second Stitch Melbourne.


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