Outfit Diaries: 28th Aug 20

Hey folks,

I thought I would pop by to share my outfit today! I have been feeling this specific outfit for the last week or so and haven probably worn it 3-4 times already. It is awfully difficult to do oversized 'right', especially if you don't have a body that's straight up and down, or larger than an AU 4-6 (god forbid). However I am pretty sure that I have narrowed down the elements that make it 'work':

  1. The top is a heavier weighted material

  2. The top is a v neck. V neck or mock necks are the key to oversized tops. Otherwise it can look more like you've bought a top multiple sizes too big, rather than it looking like a more tailored oversized fit.

  3. The top and bottoms are both cropped above the wrist and ankle. Love me a sexy, sexy ankle.

  4. The top flares out at the bottom, giving it a boxy look.

  5. The bottoms sinch in pretty tight at the waist, giving the whole look a more flattering shape.

Another elements of the outfit that I like:

It looks like a set!

I am a hoe for sets. But unfortunately it's not the easiest feat to find a set that both top and bottom are shaped really well (unless you start to enter the $150+ per piece market). Both pieces are similar 'hues' of natural - different, but cohesive. Which kind of gives off the illusion of a really great set.

TIP: note a few classic/timeless/flattering hues that you love and always keep a look out for pieces that fit the description. I find that you can't always find what you're looking for at once. So what I tend to do is usually keep an eye out throughout the following seasons to pick up pieces such as tailored shorts, blazers, blouses, jumpers and wide leg pants from a range of my favourite brands. Then essentially you end up with this amazing collection of pieces that you can match with and make look like sets throughout the following seasons!

The deets:

Top: The Lullaby Club

Bottoms: Thrills Co

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Bag: Cos (pre-stage 4 find)

Mask: Second Stitch Melbourne

Ciao bebe's!


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