Outfit Musings: 2nd Aug 20

Today was the last day before we went into lockdown

Phwoah, can you believe we got a house? And we move in v soon! Yay for us, we will finally break the four week curse of sleeping in a dining room with no doors! Love that for us.

Here is my outfit for the day. Very nuanced and layered, just like my Scorpio self. Let me take you through it:

Top: Universal Store - zip up long sleeve crop in a sage colour

Leggings: American Apparel Riding Pants in beige - not featured. I bought these and another pair in black second hand off Depop. V good deal.

Dress: Baserange. *swoon*

Jacket: Sunday Social - I manifested the exact money for this last year before our trip to Melbourne. Worn ever since.

Dilly bag: JanSport from Universal Store.

Shoes: Burkenstocks - clogs. I have had these for 5 years now which I have worn at every job I have had since being a barista. When I first wanted them, they actually weren't available in Australia yet. I was looking for a clog and had to ship them from Germany. Fancy. They have served me v well and am considering putting a beige suede pair on my birthday list.

Mask: etsy - do not recommend. As soon as I washed it, it shrunk.

The layering was really difficult to get right on this one and took many attempts before it was perfected. Unfortunately it was only to the shops and back, and was back inside for the rest of the day #isotings


Meg. xx

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