Summer On Film - Xmas Weekend '21

Mysa Motel, Palm Beach - Our accommodation for 5 days over Xmas.

Burleigh Headlands, QLD.

Portrait of Joe, 27/12/21


It has literally taken me 6 weeks to be in a space to update you all on my Xmas experience. We stayed 5 days in Palm Beach, in QLD. I wanted to infuse the trip with holiday experiences that I have been longing to try, but haven't carved out the time. Since we were staying close to the beach, I organized a few beachy activities like paddleboarding and surfing. I really enjoyed paddle boarding - I have tried it before but in a still lake. This time was in the mouth of a river, that lead out to the ocean. I've always watched people paddle boarding out in the ocean in awe, and would really love to get to that point at some point. So here it was! The time slot we paddle boarded started off as a wild and windy one, and a few minutes before everyone arrived, it even threatened to rain! But within 10 or so minutes, it cleared up. I panicked quite a bit initially, mainly because I'd just eaten and there were waves and I often get intrusive thoughts surrounding my phobia around vom. But I took a few deep, oxygenating breaths and kept pushing myself. It was well worth the push and it just confirmed how important it is to try new things, beat the fear and follow through! It felt so thrilling and filling by the end of it and was a really nice activity to share with the family.

The surfing was good too! I was a bit unco, and with every wave, I lost a little more strength to stand up. The ocean was a bit fierce and I was dunked so many times. But who doesn't love a free sinus cleanse from nature herself? I am determined to keep learning how to surf. It looks like such a nice way to spend time in and connect with the ocean. I'm someone who loves to ocean, and gravitates to the beach. The water is always so cleansing, and I find an emotional/spiritual cleansing and clarifying element to the experience, too.

Now, I don't know if anyone can relate but it wasn't all rosey and perfect. I loved the location we stayed and it was a well-needed reset. But for me, since becoming an adult, Christmas as a holiday has felt a little empty and lost. We had our traditions as kids of course, but I struggle to find meaning in it since we don't share Christmas with children. Does that sound off? I don't want to sound ungrateful. I appreciate the time off and opportunity to go away, however, there are so many unmet, unspoken expectations that we transfer on the day, on our family, all of which create these micro-disappointments. Christmas is weird, ya'll.

Anyway there you have it, my very disjointed attempt to process all the incredibly conflicting emotions that comes with Christmas. With a few gorgeous film photos peppered in.

Lots of love!

Meg. X

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