The Art of Non-Attachment

Attachments - "attachments are fixated attempts to control our experience, usually through clinging to what we perceive as desirable or aversion to what we perceive as undesirable" 1

It is interesting, as I get older and continue to observe life, I am starting to notice small and big systems on repeat. One of them is that we have no control over life and outcomes. So many visions that I have held for the future have never come to fruition. Some changes are filled with regret, others I am grateful for. And although I am aware that a lot of the time the outcomes are out of our hands, sometimes I fixate and worry that my big plan won't be. Sometimes I worry that all my misstarts are a reflection of my ability (or inability) to commit. But overall, I know in my heart that everything happens for a reason.

"Nonattachment is what occurs when we can let go of the need to be in dogged control of what is occurring and can reduce our demands on the present moment to be any way in particular." I tend to experience these attachments and anxieties and fear associated with trying to control the future. I want the future to be of particular aesthetics, experiences, and feelings. But I never considered these fixations to be the things that actually hinder the anticipated experiences.

This week, starting tomorrow, I am going to start practicing this mantra to try and embody nonattachment and the peace that comes with living in the now. Nonattachment looks like appreciating the present moment. I am going to use this time to experiment with some sustainable mindfulness practices.

Let me know how you stay grounded and present!


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