Tings I Love - November Edit. Lip Oils, Leonardo Dicaprio in the 90's, Film/TV/Skincare

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Hey there,

Happy November and more importantly... Happy Scorpio SZN (and mercury in retrograde)!

Please enjoy and savour my comprehensive list of things I am loving right now:


Rocky - Long Rides soundcloud playlist

Beyonce Accapella to 'Black Parade' (which reminds me of Kuku Yalanji when she sings 'motherland, motherland drip on me'

Sasha Marie Radio: music to chill out and be creative to (listening right now)

♡ Finding out that Watermelon Sugar is an ode about the pleasures of eating pussy after watching the video clip

♡ Champion - Kanye West. I've made it my sole mission for 2020 to bring back all old school Kanye - this week has been the album Graduation. I think I was way too young to realise how much of a god damn genius Kanye was and how impressive his music is! I have never been on the Ye hate train. I have always appreciated his music/art/design and recognising how mental health manifests. I am really grateful for his music and have been feeling this song all week! S/O to the Nina sample in there *inserts Lisa Simpson dance GIF* which I also enjoyed in Jay-Z's 'Caught in their Eyes'.

♡ Speaking of Samples, I made a comprehensive playlist of Beyonce samples when I was stuck in bed with fatigue for 12 days earlier in the year. I had no idea that Beyonce sampled so much honestly until I heard 'Are You My Woman' by the Chi-Lites on the series Mrs. America. I really enjoyed making this playlist and listening to all who have influenced Bey's music, too.

TV: (quick one because I am only watching one thing rn lol)

♡ Parenthood - we have been binge-watching the seasons for the last few weeks and it's safe to say we are invested in this family! I was in my very late teens/early twenties when this was released so it's safe to say that I missed the boat on this one but very very wholesome.


Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images found on Popsugar

♡ Rihanna's Savage x Fenty show vol. 2 on Amazon Prime has me shooketh! The models! The show! The choreography! The swag! I am shooketh. We do not deserve Ri Ri.

♡ Oversized blazers are my everything right now and my lord and saviour for these un-seasonal Melbourne Spring months that I am so not used to (seriously though there's no humidity??) They are super chic and go with most things! Ugh, what a vibe! Last weekend was my first weekend out and about since the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. It was thrilling and liberating and a little bit scary. I was ready to go dancing but settled for dinner and a few drinks. My blazer + corset situation gave me all the life!

♡ Biker shorts - bike pants - cycle shorts - short leggings - whatever the fuck category you would like to put these in. I swear the term 'bike pants' must be trademarked or something because it was a really tough item to find for like a year and a half, I really had to expand my search terms. Anyway low and behold these babies aren't going anywhere and I'd like to thank Yeezy and Kimmy K for making loungewear both fashionable an acceptable category to dress up or down in any situation. I have been here and will continue to be here for it wholeheartedly. 3 years strong with bike pants as a staple wardrobe piece. I also did a bad thing this morning where I was on Aimn and pricing up a longer pair of bike pants and a nude pair (thank goodness they were in great colours) and shoppay checked me out without even asking! Omg retrograde goes out with a bang! Anyway slightly horrified and slightly grateful to take that pressure of decision off the brain.

♡ Open button-down shirts and crop situations for all of Spring/Summer - obsessed. All of a sudden I have been called to wear open button-down shirts over my singlets or crop tops. There's no rhyme or reason - maybe there is. Maybe it's the climate. It's a lot colder and less humid, which makes clothes easier to wear in the warmer months. I also have a

gif of Leonardo DiCaprio in the 90's remake of Romeo and Juliet (which I have never seen) running on loop through my head when I wear it, so maybe it's also a capturing a little essence of that, too.


Bush Wellness oil blend by Earth Blended - this is my favourite blend and somehow experience a connection to country through the senses. A whole sensory and spiritual experience.

Kosas - The Wet Set from Mecca Cosmetica - this set was my first in-house purchase once lockdown ended and it has (so far) been such a treat! I have been super intrigued about this brand for so long and have seen so many Youtuber's plug it. I was immediately sold when one of the workers at Mecca explained that their makeup is designed to act as both a lip tint and a treatment due all the glorious ingredients.

The verdict? It's a winner for me. I had been searching for a lip tint last week after realising that I have the same thought every morning about the fact that I need a lip tint. After extensively searching the internet for said lip tints, I was deflated and turned off by the alarmingly small selection of affordable, natural, non-chemical optons. I was resusitated when I found this kit - mainly because one of these regular size lip oils are $43 - and the whole set of mini lip oils were $40. Testers are really what I needed. I was initially turned off by the fact that they were oil. Insert a flashback segment to when I've been out and about in windy weather with my hair down and lip balm on... uck serious no from me. However, these don't feel oily, they just feel super light, nourishing and soft for me. The set comes in a clear, nude/mauve and a red. Perf for all occasions! (I have linked from Revolve website as Mecca has an unavailable online message on the product).

There you have it folx, My first 'Tings I Love' done and dusted. Look out for subsiquent video in the near distant future on ze YouTubes.


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